The technologies provided by UNIHOUSE are successfully used by investors for the purposes of establishing hotels, motels, catering outlets and service-related buildings. Modular buildings are practically predisposed to be used as cheap and economic motels.

The primary advantage for investors in the case of these buildings is the short completion time of the projects. By moving the entire production process into the factory, the construction of a motel, with many rooms is only a matter of days. As single modules can be combined, it is possible to arrange rooms for a higher numbers of guests.

In the case of the aforementioned arrangements, the rooms can be accessed from an external hallway running the length of the motel, which is a common solution for this type of building.

Perfect thermal insulation means that electric radiators will suffice to keep the place warm. They can then be turned off when the guests are out of their rooms to help lower operating costs even further.