The modules manufactured in wooden frame technology make perfect components for constructing sustainable zero-energy buildings. As a result of the project No. RPPD.01.02.01-IZ.00-20-0004/16 called "Zero energy building in modular construction" co-financed from European Funds, we have developed the technology for its implementation.

As part of this project, we have prepared and tested in real conditions the prototype of a sustainable zero-energy building, so now we can offer a proven product with exquisite characteristics.

budynek zeroenergetyczny

This building has very low energy consumption and it is equipped with renewable energy sources, such as a heat pump and photovoltaic panels. Combining it with the application of a wooden structure that is characterised by low carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere, there has been created an ecological product that complies with the currently applicable standards concerning the climate responsibility and care for the environment. 

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